Premier Pay Card



Our goal at Premier Pay Cards is to provide employers with cost saving solutions for the payroll department and the human resource department. Eliminating paper paychecks saves time and money. Providing the human resource department with significant money saving employee benefits, at no cost to your business, allows the H.R. Department to acquire and retain quality people. The cost of training people is very high and retention of those trained quality people leads to success! Our card program also eliminates the risk of prosecution by employees who do not want to be paid with a pay card.


Employees get money saving benefits at no cost to them! With the Premier Card you can now pay ALL your employees by direct deposit. Our card is designed to integrate with your current payroll processes, so you can leverage your current system to pay employees who are not setup for direct deposit. There is no need to change your current system or software. You no longer need to write, print or distribute paper checks. Your employees’ net pay is electronically loaded to their own card.   Each employee will immediately have access to their pay without having to waste time in bank lines or pay exorbitant check cashing fees. With the Premier Benefit Cards you can not only avoid the costs associated with preparing, printing and distributing physical paychecks, you can significantly reduce your payroll costs! Fill in the form on our Contact Us page and we will email you the details of our exciting payroll card program, or click on the Sign Me Up tab to get started today!